Access & Video: Extra Security for Summer

Extra security for summer

Businesses of many types need extra security for summer, particularly retail spaces. There are key reasons why integrated access control and video surveillance should be in place during the summer months; here are the primary reasons to consider integrating access and video at your Tampa retail business. 

Seasonal Employees 

The summer tourist season throughout Florida gives way to a need for seasonal employees. If your business is hiring temporary employees for the summer, integrating access and video can help curb the risk of employee theft — not just theft of revenue, but theft of inventory. The University of Florida’s Security Research Project (SRP) found that inventory shrinkage tends to occur alongside short-term and part-time employees. In fact, that shrinkage is up to 40% higher than retailers with 75% or more full-time, permanent employees.  They also found that the shrinkage reaches a tipping point once seasonal employees reach 50% of a store’s workforce.

All things considered, hiring seasonal employees can be a risk. To reduce that risk and improve security of your revenues and inventory, we encourage integrating access control and video surveillance systems. Seasonal employees will be given access credentials to enter the premises; you can activate and deactivate their credentials from any device, no matter where you are this summer.

The time stamped video surveillance will show who was in each monitored area, at what time, and what they were doing. 

Summer Shoplifting

It’s commonly accepted that retail crime tends to escalate in the summer, but Department of Justice statistics back this up. Locally, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers has also confirmed that theft escalates in the summer. In fact, a state bill to crack down on retail crime was recently implemented into law. Unfortunately, not everyone is dissuaded by the knowledge that stealing 10 or more items from two or more locations within a 30-day period could result in a third-degree felony charge. Some would-be criminals need the knowledge that they’ll be caught on video as well. By making it clear to customers that they’re on video, you can reduce shoplifting risks across the board. Organizations like Crime Stoppers can put the footage online, which tends to discourage people from dabbling in shoplifting.

Whether you’re concerned about internal theft or shoplifting from the outside, extra security this summer can help address these risks to your business. To inquire about business security measures like access and video in Tampa, call Security Lock Systems. We’re ready to help. 

About Security Lock Systems 

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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