Construction Equipment Security to Prevent External Theft

construction equipment security

The spring construction season has begun. Because times are tough, it’s more important than ever for contractors to protect their equipment from external theft. At Security Lock Systems, providing construction equipment security to Tampa area contractors is important to us. Here are some ways we can help keep their materials and equipment protected. 

Monitor Outside Traffic 

It’s an unfortunate reality: Street traffic can be a culprit of external theft. Thieves see the raw materials and equipment on a construction site as potential sources of income for themselves. With the right video surveillance systems, contractors can monitor street traffic and receive an alert when an intruder breaches the site. This is especially important at night, when the site is empty and thieves see their biggest window of opportunity.     

Deter Thieves from Acting

Often, the very presence of cameras and intrusion detection can deter those who have bad intentions from acting on their criminal impulses. Making cameras discreet is within our scope — but before the project is complete, it may be in your best interests to have cameras visible enough to deter external predators.

Our professional video surveillance installers can identify the best possible locations for your cameras to prevent a crime from happening.  

Document All Activity

For busy contractors who are overseeing an entire project, keeping track of activity throughout the site can be a challenge. With high quality cameras that can be accessed on a remote application with one’s own personal device (including a smartphone), it’s easy to see who’s coming and going throughout the day. If someone who isn’t recognized as an approved worker is caught on camera, the contractor in charge can take action as needed to protect the site from this intruder.  

External theft on construction sites is a problem in every economy, but it requires special attention right now. To learn more about what we offer for construction equipment security in Tampa, call Security Lock Systems today. 

About Security Lock Systems 

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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