Protection from Business Burglary in St. Petersburg

November has been rough for the businesses of St. Petersburg, with a series of smash-and-grab burglaries across the city that all appear to be committed by the same criminal. This burglar has specifically targeted mini-marts and smoke shops throughout St. Petersburg; however, police are warning business owners that he could soon expand to other types of retailers. 

The St. Petersburg Smash-and-Grab Burglar 

St. Petersburg police believe this single burglar has hit at least seven businesses, using the same method every time: smashing through the glass to get inside, then retrieving cash from the register. This criminal understands he’s on camera, because he dresses in all black from head to toe while covering his face and hands so as not to be identified. And of course, he does it at night when these businesses are closed. 

How Businesses Can Get Protection

Smash-and-grab burglary is a crime of opportunity. Business owners can protect themselves from being victimized by taking the opportunity away. One way to do this is by having a high quality security system with glass break detection installed. The moment the glass breaks, a loud, audible siren sounds off and the alarm signal is triggered. The signal reaches the central station in seconds, and agents will dispatch police immediately. Once word spreads that a business has this protection, most criminals will avoid targeting it. If all the businesses in the neighborhood implement this powerful method of intrusion detection, criminals may avoid the entire area. 

Business burglaries can be devastating; some enterprises never recover. If you’re ready to get powerful burglary protection for your St. Petersburg or Tampa area business, call Security Lock Systems today. 

About Security Lock Systems 

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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