Security Solutions for Contractors in Tampa

It continues to be a risky security climate for contractors, especially in Florida. The National Equipment Register (NER) reports that Florida is one of the top three states where heavy equipment is stolen from construction sites, with a total value loss of $7.7 million. Other assets stolen from those worksites include raw materials like lumber and metal, and tools ranging from mowers to skid steers. 

Research has shown that summer is the most vulnerable time of year for these crimes, and they occur far more frequently during times of economic downturn. If you’re among the many contractors in need of security solutions for your Tampa area worksites, Security Lock Systems can help. Consider taking advantage of these ideas. 

Video Surveillance with Mobile Access  

Various workers are coming and going at contractor worksites, sometimes by the dozen, and many of them are subcontractors without a prior relationship to the primary contractor. Video surveillance gives lead contractors and project managers a window into activity during the workday, so these workers can be monitored more closely. And with easy-to-use mobile access, the live and recorded video can be pulled up from any device — even the user’s own smartphone.

If you’re a lead contractor or project manager, you can reduce incidents of internal theft on construction sites by informing your crews that you monitor video during the workday. 

Access Control for Long-Term Projects 

Although most contractors work on short-term sites, some long-term projects can be in progress for months, perhaps even years. In those cases, an access control system may be the solution you need to secure the site from outside thieves and other intruders. An access control system only opens protected doors and gates for authorized users, and you or your administrator can control who those users are. From any internet-connected device, you’ll log into your account to activate and deactivate worker credentials on demand. Ask us if you think your long-term worksite is suited for access control protection. 

Contractors in Tampa need specialized security solutions that can protect their materials, equipment and other assets. To inquire about video surveillance or access control, call Security Lock Systems today. 

About Security Lock Systems 

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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