Top 4 Best Access Control Credentials in 2022

Top 4 Best Access Control Credentials in 2022

If you were wondering what credentials you should use, look no further, here are four of the best control credentials on the market.

1. Fingerprints

Fingerprints have long been a reliable and effective way to verify the credentials of an individual. Did you know, however, that their use dates back to the 1800s? Listen to this excerpt from Onin: 

In 1882, Gilbert Thompson of the U.S. Geological Survey in New Mexico, used his own thumb print on a document to help prevent forgery. This is the first known use of fingerprints in the United States. 

Since then, reading someone’s fingerprint has become a digitized process, no longer relying on ink but on special light and imagery to outline the patterns. It remains popular in many access control systems because it is very difficult, nearly impossible even, to spoof, but it also offers the user a lot of convenience since they don’t need to worry about bringing along a keycard or other similar device.

2. Smartcards

Smartcards come in many varieties. They can be a keyfob or even a physical card that someone carries on their person. They are easy to store, keep track of, and last a very long time, making it a good investment from a business perspective. Unfortunately, they can also be lost, but this is rarely a large enough concern for businesses to turn away from smart cards as an option. The benefits of a smart card system requiring its users to place the tool in close proximity of the hub for entry far outweigh any cons.

3. Card Readers

Unlike smartcards, which require only proximity, card readers function similarly to credit and debit card readers that someone would use at a store. A physical card needs to be printed — it usually includes identifying information and a photo — and once inserted into a card reading system, access will be permitted or denied based on the access level of that individual. 

4. Video Cameras

In situations where you still want a human to be steering the ship, so to speak, video camera access control is a great option to avoid the potential security issues of automated systems like smartcards or card readers. In this system, an individual is responsible for monitoring an access point. Communication usually occurs between the access control manager and the individual seeking access.

The live person then makes a determination, and either denies or allows the person to enter into the premises.

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It can be difficult to decide which of these symptoms are best for your business. If you need some advice based on your unique business structure and the needs of you and your employees, contact Security Lock Systems today. We serve a host of different industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, government, corrections, property management, commercial businesses, and construction. Even if you do not see your industry listed, reach out to us — we know we can give you the service you need.  

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