Which Card Reader is Right for Your Facility?

When it comes to access control, there’s no shortage of credential equipment for a business to choose from. At Security Lock Systems, we install custom access control systems that are compatible with a wide range of these card readers. Which one is right for your facility may be dependent on the type of operation you have and what risk margins are present. Here are some of the card reader options your business may consider. 

Barcode Card Readers 

Similar to a QR code, a barcode is scanned by access control points via an infrared light. From there, the system translates the code into user access credentials in order to authenticate the user and grant access. If information security is a low risk factor at your facility and a lost card will not result in an urgent liability to your resources, barcode card readers can be a good option for your access control. 

Magstripe Card Readers 

Also known as “swipe cards,” magstripe card readers rely on the same technology as traditional credit cards: a magnetic strip embedded in the card, containing the securely stored credentials.

They are recommended for security-sensitive environments more often than barcode readers, but are still more appropriate for low-risk access control operations where a lost or stolen card will not result in an immediate emergency. 

Proximity Card Readers 

With proximity cards, data is wirelessly transmitted from the card based on the user’s proximity to the reader. The technology that powers proximity cards is radio frequency identification (RFID). It can save the user time and grant access more quickly than other cards, which makes them a good option if the operation needs users to gain entry without stopping. 

If the level of risk dictates something more dynamic than card credentials, biometric access control may be a more appropriate option. We are happy to answer your questions about any of the access credential equipment listed here. 

Whatever your access control needs, Security Lock Systems can create a custom system for you. Contact us today to discuss access control options for your business. 

About Security Lock Systems 

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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