Why Now is the Time for Access Control in Manufacturing

As the manufacturing sector continues its post-pandemic recovery, now is the right time to seek out business security solutions that can modernize building access, improve workflow, and support employee management processes.

The best security solution to accomplish these goals is electronic access control, which replaces traditional keys with smartcards or a biometric credential like fingerprints in order to access buildings and restricted areas. For manufacturing facilities that don’t yet have access control, here are the reasons why now is the perfect time to have it installed.

Activity is picking up.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported a favorable outlook for manufacturing in Q1, with activity picking up more than expected in February as Covid cases continued winding down. The report showed that backlog orders are increasing, which naturally creates a need for improved workflow processes and employee productivity. Access control can fill that need, by enabling managers to perform real-time audits of employee whereabouts.

Hiring has slowed.

Unfortunately, the ISM report also revealed that hiring has slowed in the manufacturing sector. This has contributed to the supply chain crisis, and tied the hands of many manufacturers. The good news is, it also provides an opening to bring on new security methods like access control.

Onboarding access control while the staff is small can be a good opportunity to get seasoned employees familiarized with the technology before new people are hired on.

Risks are heightened.

Security concerns are always present in the workplace; the larger the site, the greater the risks. But as the geo-political uncertainty of the time trickles down, manufacturing facilities are becoming more vulnerable targets. Access control systems can make these facilities more secure by keeping unauthorized people off the premises and ensuring that only credentialed employees can be onsite. Corporate sabotage concerns also rise during times of global crisis; these can also be addressed by protecting restricted areas of the building with access control.

Call Security Lock Systems to Learn More

Security Lock Systems is committed to providing access control to the manufacturing facilities of Tampa and St. Petersburg. To discuss cloud-based access control security for your facility during this opportune time, call Security Lock Systems. We look forward to answering your questions.

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Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service.

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