Why You Need Video Surveillance at Your Distribution Centers

According to a report from Statista, more than $1.9 million in goods was stolen in cargo theft crimes in the United States throughout 2020. A related report showed that 437 instances of cargo theft were committed in parking areas, drop lots, or garages, making it the most popular location type for these crimes to take place. Commercial or office buildings were number three with 76 cases, and freight terminals (and similar locations) were fifth on the list with 42 cases occurring in 2020. 

Research shows that theft is less likely to be carried out in locations with obvious surveillance. But outside of the deterrence factor, there are some other benefits that having surveillance systems installed can provide. 

Staying On Top of Arrivals and Departures

While you may be investing a lot of time and energy into making sure product is not misplaced or lost, mistakes happen, and distribution professionals know that at some point, units will be unloaded or stored improperly. With a surveillance system, however, you can keep an active eye on shipments as they are handled. Plus, if an issue does arise down the line, you can always set up a system that will allow you to review previous footage to figure out where the error in the process occurred. 

Distribution Centers Are Often Open 24/7

We gave you the stats earlier about theft; but another thing to consider is that the likelihood of having a theft occur is a lot higher if you are open and operating for longer hours. People looking to take advantage of holes in your workforce would have a much harder time getting around skeleton crews if there was a full coverage surveillance system installed. While it might not stop all theft, these steps have been proven to significantly deter it.

Reduces the Need for Security Staff

Security personnel come at a high cost and a high risk. In many cases, you will want someone with certain backgrounds, training, or certifications to make sure they are able to properly secure your location, but having enough of those people on staff for every shift can become cumbersome to your bottom line and management.

Reducing the amount of “live” eyes you need on site and supplementing your team with a surveillance system can decrease your expenditures and add more safety to your business.

Easy Overview and Management

Our security systems are cutting edge. So when you sign with us for video surveillance, you gain access to an on- and off-site monitoring system that you can access from anywhere. Many of our clients have found great success coupling this with an access control system that can be operated by someone who has a live video feed of all entrances and exits.

Set Up Your System Today

Loss mitigation and safety is all about reducing the areas that bad actors can exploit your operation. A strategically installed surveillance system can save you money, improve safety, and deter would-be theft. If you want more information on how to implement one of our systems, give us a call at (813) 874-1608.

About Security Lock Systems

Offering a comprehensive menu of security system services in Tampa and its surrounding areas, the Security Lock Systems team is your trusted, knowledgeable source for innovation and stellar service. 

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